Welcome Neighbors!


Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope you will take a few minutes to read more about my candidacy, background, and vision for Cleveland Park.

I am running for the ANC 3C05 seat because I want to be part of a local leadership that is accessible and transparent, and fights to ensure that every resident has a voice and a vote when it comes to the future of our community.

My vision for Cleveland Park is simple: I want safe and walkable streets, thriving businesses, quality schools, protection of green spaces, community engagement, and
the preservation of the architecture and infrastructure that make Cleveland Park a historical district.

Now is the time to recognize our assets, capitalize on opportunities, and actively seek solutions to the challenges we face. 

  • We have beautiful historic structures sitting next to an increasing number of vacant and unkempt properties. And while we have a surplus of empty storefronts, we have pent up demand for goods and services that residents are having to access elsewhere.
  • We have gaps in our infrastructure that make our walkable community challenging, particularly for the elderly, those with disabilities, and those with young children.
  • We have a major transportation corridor that runs through the heart of our community and will be facing additional traffic and safety concerns in the years to come as more cars, buses, and bikes vie for road access.

The future of Cleveland Park is on our minds but it is also in our hands. We all have a role to play in determining our community’s path forward.

I am ready to start a community conversation that incorporates and respects diverse views and turns ideas into action. In a city that is booming all around us, it’s time that we move forward together.

I respectfully ask for your vote on November 8th,




From reinvigorating the vacant properties and beautifying our commercial corridor to identifying and resolving public safety hazards and preserving the historic assets that make Cleveland Park unique, read about some of the core issues facing our community today and ideas to resolve these matters.

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Take Action

Are you interested in getting involved in a community conversation about how we can move Cleveland Park forward together? Share your ideas and feedback on the challenges that concern you and the opportunities that we should consider; volunteer for my campaign; and vote in this fall's election!

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