Serving You

As your Commissioner for ANC 3C05, I will ACT for you by providing Accountability, Communication, and Transparency around the issues that are pending, the decisions that are made, and the opportunities that are available. I believe that everyone has a right to be heard, and I will actively seek out feedback from you and fellow residents and put in place multiple methods by which residents
can provide feedback to me. 

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I believe that your word matters, that a handshake means something, and that promises made should be promises kept. As your representative to the ANC, I can't always guarantee an outcome, but I can guarantee my greatest effort. You can count on me to stand by my commitments, to honestly share when plans go off track, and to focus on solutions, not problems.



As your Commissioner for ANC 3C05, you will not only hear from me regarding updates on meetings, issues facing the community, grant opportunities, and more -- but I will ensure that you have the opportunity to reach out to me to share feedback, ask questions, and present concerns. I will make information accessible to all residents -- from those who can attend meetings in-person to those who seek their information via social media and email.



How does your ANC Commissioner make decisions on the matters that affect you as a resident of the Cleveland Park community? Do you know when critical issues are up for a vote -- and how to have your voice heard and share your feedback? I will be transparent in my decision-making, hear your voice, listen to your feedback, and make decisions accordingly.